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We at Ethix Group are manufacturing & marketing 1000+ Health Care products such as TABLETS: Beta Lactum, Non Beta Lactum, Sustained Released, Delayed Released, Uncoated, Film Coated & Enteric Coated. CAPSULES: Beta Lactum, Non Beta Lactum, Control Released Pellets capsules, iron & Multi vitamin Capsules. LIQUID ORALS: Tonics Syrups, Suspension, Elixirs, and Cough Syrups. DRY POWDER: Dry Syrups, ORS Powder, and Protein Powders. OINTMENTS: Ointments, Creams & Gel. EXTERNAL PREPARATIONS: Lotions, Emulsions, Shampoo, and Face Wash. LIQUID INJECTABLES: Vials & Ampoules. DRY POWDER INJECTABLES: Beta Lactum, Non Beta Lactum Dry Injections. EYE Drops, EAR Drops and NASAL Spray.

With significant contribution to the society with quality products at affordable cost

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